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26 Things That You're Forced To Wear When You're A Corgi

UGH, corgi parents, am I right?

1. Being a corgi is hard sometimes.

2. Your parents (who aren't even your real parents) are always putting crap on you. Like...

3. Things that are hard to figure out how to tie.

4. Nurse hats.

5. Scary dinosaur masks.

6. Glasses you don't even need.

7. Sweaters your aunt made you that you have to pretend to like.

8. Yellow submarines.

9. Nerdy shit.

10. Pink velour jackets from the '90s.

11. "Autumn" bandanas that don't match your fur tone.

12. Headsets.

13. Banana suits.

14. Thrift store dresses.

15. Pirate gear.

16. Little pink dresses.

17. Sundaes you can't even eat.

18. Flower headpieces.

19. Bumblebee costumes.

20. Polka dots.

21. Hoodies when it's not even cold out.

22. Doctor Who costumes.

23. Prison stripes... even though you didn't even do anything wrong!

24. Goggles.

25. Pale imitations of Lady Gaga.

26. REALLY?!