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    25 Reasons Why One Dog Is NOT Enough

    Barack Obama told Sasha and Malia during his acceptance speech that "one dog's probably enough." He was wrong.

    1. Everyone needs a friend.

    2. A clique.

    3. A sibling.

    4. A partner.

    5. A family.

    6. This corgi would be a lot happier if he had a friend who wasn't a stuffed panda.

    7. Here's the breakdown, Mr. President: Two dogs are better than one.

    8. Three dogs are better than two.

    9. Four dogs are better than three.

    10. After all, you need four dogs to form a decent prayer circle.

    11. Five dogs are even better than four, though.

    12. After all, five dogs is the perfect number for your swim class.

    13. You need at least six dogs for decent cosplay.

    14. But seven dogs are probably the most dogs you should have, for appearance's sake.

    15. But if that seems overwhelming for the White House, at least consider one more.

    16. Otherwise, who will keep score for Bo when he takes a nachos break?

    17. A dog needs a partner to get through bath time alive.

    18. A dog alone can't use the "carpool only" lane.

    19. With only one dog, you can't ride with one on your back and one in your coat.

    20. And a dog alone can't properly canoodle.

    21. How can you say no to this, Barack?

    22. These dogs are begging you.

    23. Bo needs a friend to hug.

    24. Someone to talk to.

    25. Someone to love.