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The 25 Most Important Kitten Hugging Techniques

A hug can mean a lot of different things, especially when you're just a kitten. These fuzzy little dudes shared their innermost thoughts with us for this special look inside the hearts of kittens hugging and being hugged.

1. Apology Hug

Flickr: lalalaurie / Via

"I didn't realize that my pounce would hurt you."

2. Spoons Hug

"There is no blanket that will keep me as warm as you do."

3. Squeeze Hug

Flickr: kenspix4u

"Putting the 'squee' into 'squeeze.'"

4. Mine Hug

Flickr: rodrigotrovao

"No one will ever take this most important thing away from me."

5. Stacked Hug

Flickr: zruda

"My chin is your hat and your head is my pillow."

6. Conga Hug

"There is no greater feeling than to hug and to be hugged."

7. Break From The Internet Hug

Flickr: amhall

"Sometimes the misogyny on Reddit really gets to us and we just hug it out."

8. Wrasslin' Hug

Flickr: 66698762@N00

"KO! I win all the cuddling I want!"

9. Stop It Hug

Flickr: deedeeobrien

"If I hug you, will you stop petting me?"

10. What Are You Looking At Hug

Flickr: klingster

"This photo has been made private."

11. Thinking About Someone Else Hug

Flickr: 28080834@N05

"It's totally normal to fantasize about other kittens while we're hugging... right?"

12. Comfort Hug

Flickr: devittj

"I'm sorry you didn't get that promotion, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason."

13. Forehead Kiss Hug

Flickr: reginaj

"I want to kiss you for real, but I think we both know that's a terrible idea. Let's just hug goodnight for just a little bit too long."

14. Forgot Someone Else Was Here Hug

Flickr: rosedavies

"I really wish you guys would stop with the PDA."

15. Don't Ever Grow Up Hug

Flickr: theresa111

"Someday you won't want hugs all the time. I'll pretend I'm okay, but secretly it will break my heart."

16. Sharing A Dream Hug


17. Forgot That We Were Hugging Hug

"Sorry, I lost track of time. It's like you're part of me."

18. I'm Sorry Those Kids Were Mean To You Hug

Flickr: natebell

"Later, I will actually find them and punch them in the face."

19. Please Don't Go Hug

Flickr: coldpix

"I know you want to move to Prague after graduation but what am I supposed to do without you?"

20. Can't Sleep Hug

Flickr: nicki_bennie

"Everything is so good between us... so why do I still feel this emptiness?"

21. Hammock Hug

Flickr: robynanderson

"This is literally the most comfortable I have ever been or ever will be, but I really have to pee."

22. Just Born Hug

Flickr: cuddlercat


23. Sunrise Hug

Flickr: annamoan

"I guess I must have fallen asleep... WAIT, WHAT TIME IS IT?!"

"My mom is going to kill me."

24. Bear Hug

Flickr: knightfox

"Someone at school said that you aren't real, but don't worry – I don't believe them."

25. Forever Hug

Flickr: boorapper

"I don't even know it yet, but years from now, the memory of this hug is going to get me through some really tough days."