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The 25 Most Important Kitten Hugging Techniques

A hug can mean a lot of different things, especially when you're just a kitten. These fuzzy little dudes shared their innermost thoughts with us for this special look inside the hearts of kittens hugging and being hugged.

1. Apology Hug

2. Spoons Hug

3. Squeeze Hug

4. Mine Hug

5. Stacked Hug

6. Conga Hug

7. Break From The Internet Hug

8. Wrasslin' Hug

9. Stop It Hug

10. What Are You Looking At Hug

11. Thinking About Someone Else Hug

12. Comfort Hug

13. Forehead Kiss Hug

14. Forgot Someone Else Was Here Hug

15. Don't Ever Grow Up Hug

16. Sharing A Dream Hug

17. Forgot That We Were Hugging Hug

18. I'm Sorry Those Kids Were Mean To You Hug

19. Please Don't Go Hug

20. Can't Sleep Hug

21. Hammock Hug

22. Just Born Hug

23. Sunrise Hug

24. Bear Hug

25. Forever Hug