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    22 Of Your Childhood Style Icons, Revisited

    From Rainbow Brite to Angela Chase, this is how you thought you'd get to dress someday, but at some point you accidentally started dressing like a boring grown-up... Find your inspiration again with the help of your vintage muses.

    1. Blossom

    2. Punky Brewster

    3. Minnie Mouse

    4. Claudia ("The Baby-Sitters Club")

    5. Mary Anne ("The Baby-Sitters Club")

    6. Kristy ("The Baby-Sitters Club")

    7. Stacey ("The Baby-Sitters Club")

    8. Carmen Sandiego

    9. Jem ("Jem and the Holograms")

    10. The Girls of "Clueless"

    11. Kelly Kapowski ("Saved by the Bell")

    12. Jessie Spano ("Saved by the Bell")

    13. Lisa Turtle ("Saved by the Bell")

    14. Daria and Jane ("Daria")

    15. Deb ("Empire Records")

    16. Laura Petrie ("The Dick Van Dyke Show")

    17. Rainbow Brite

    18. Betty Boop

    19. Angela Chase ("My So-Called Life")

    20. Rayanne Graff ("My So-Called Life")

    21. Clarissa ("Clarissa Explains It All")

    22. Lydia Deetz ("Beetlejuice")