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    30 Dogs Who Were In The Wedding

    Pets are family, too.

    1. The only one paying attention to the photographer.

    2. A fancy suit.

    3. Flower dog!

    4. Giving the happy couple some space.

    5. Reception dancin'.

    6. Wedding Corgi!

    7. Bow-Wow tie.

    8. Watching the ceremony.

    9. Precious pit bull.

    10. Parents walking the dog down the aisle.

    11. Big day cuddles.

    12. Best Pug.

    13. Fancy felt flower.

    14. Family portrait.

    15. Happy family member.

    16. You fancy, huh?

    17. Smiling with the bride.

    18. A reward for being awesome.

    19. Ring-bulldog.

    20. He only LOOKS grumpy...

    21. And now, you may kiss the bride.

    22. Yellow and black.

    23. Bounding down the aisle.

    24. Flower lei.

    25. A toast to a very important family member.

    26. Another adorable family portrait.

    27. Happiness all around.

    28. Can't even talk about how cute this is.

    29. Together forever.

    30. Peek-a-boo!

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