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10 Llamas Who Wish They Were Models

To be honest, EVERY llama wants to be a model. Here are 10 of them. With apologies to Tim Mills.

10. This llama misses the feeling she got when she was a kid and everyone watched her do normal person things.

9. This llama wishes she didn't have to pay to get her hair done.

8. This llama just wants to get paid to travel the world.

7. This llama just wants to know if he's handsome enough to make it in modeling.

6. This llama was told by some guy on tumblr that her selfies were "as good as a model's."

5. This llama is hoping to transition from modeling to pop music as soon as possible.

4. This llama is just extremely confident that he is better looking than the skinny weirdos he sees in magazines.

3. This llama is in it for the free clothes.

2. The llama on the right thinks she's destined for Vogue, but the llama on the left secretly knows she'll never make it :(.

1. And this llama is just feeling FABULOUS!