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    People Are Sharing Unwritten Rules Of Life That They Always Swear By And BRB, I Am Taking Notes

    "Never make eye contact in a public bathroom."

    Recently, Reddit user u/Embarrassed_Age_8463 asked, "What is an unwritten law you abide by?"

    And people had some incredibly helpful responses. Most of these should be common knowledge by now, tbh!

    1. "Assume anything you tell anyone will be repeated!"

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    2. "Always let the people on the elevator get off before you get in."

    — littlemisspuppy

    3. "Dont touch other people's stuff."

    — FrenchyGaitan

    4. "Don't trust anyone who backstabs others in front of you."


    — Hoxtoful

    5. "When walking in a busy part of the city or transit hub, go with the flow of foot traffic and even if you're lost, don't abruptly stop. Step to the side where it's convenient for everyone else, not just you!!"

    — VincentVanGoghst

    6. "Be kind if at all possible."

    — Basic_genXer

    7. "If in doubt, shut up."

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    8. "Don’t let your kids be a nuisance to other people when in public. I’m not talking about babies and toddlers, but kids running around in restaurants or going ham kicking plane seats."

    — Grumblegrumblehiss

    9. "Folding up the shirts at a retail store after I’ve finished looking at them."

    — uglyshirtoperator

    10. "Never make eye contact in a public bathroom."

    11. "Sneezing should be done into the bend of your elbow, not into your hands."

    — slickshot

    12. "I don't get paid enough to worry about others not doing their job."

    — easy10pins

    13. "If you say you're going to do something, do it."


    14. "Put the fucking cart in the fucking cart return like a decent human being."

    — Whatsa-Throwaway

    15. "The real you is who you are when nobody is watching."

    — Unicorn_Boots

    16. "Respect is given. Disrespect is earned."


    — Rocky1963

    17. "If you've got an animal laying on you, you can't move until they do."

    "Edit: *Pet. If you have a pet laying on you. Though if you've got a dangerous animal laying on you, I would also recommend not moving until they leave."

    — SwanSong45

    18. "Toilet paper roll goes over, not under. If that's the way they do it in upscale hotels, it must be the right way."

    — Familiar-Ostrich537

    19. "Hope for the best, plan for the worst, expect something in-between."


    — Quixotegut

    20. "Rechts stehen, links gehen — which is the German term for our unwritten rule that when you use an escalator, you use the right side if you want to just stand around and take a chilled ride, and that you use the left side if you’re in a hurry and want to speed up the ride by additionally walking up/downwards."

    — freakinandout

    21. "Always wash the dishes you use when you stay at a hotel/Airbnb/friend's place, unless they voice otherwise."

    — yaboidylanb19

    22. "Nothing good happens after 2am."

    Ted from how i met your mother speaks on the phone

    What are some unwritten rules of life that you always swear by? Share below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.