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    23 Tweets That Will Make Indians Wish They Were Kids Again

    Do you miss writing "testis" on Orkut?

    1. You'd surely remember this.

    Did you also use chalk to clean it before PT days, or were you a rich kid?

    2. This fun game will remain etched in your memory forever.

    3. You miss the good old days of Indian television.

    she: u miss this thicc booty? him: no, I miss Indian TV when it was good.. 😢

    4. And you miss the antics of this comic book character.

    5. We took our stationery seriously.

    Humare zamane mein, owning this was considered elite.

    6. Very seriously.

    @weedy_shah Uss tym ka Rolls Royce✨

    7. See:

    Humare zamane mein, it was this.

    8. And we were all quite appalled upon learning this truth.

    I just want you guys to know that apsara and natraj pencils are both owned by the same company 🤡👌😭

    9. If you're from an all-girls' school, you'll remember this struggle.

    Never understood why wearing mehendi was not allowed in schools 🤔

    10. Remember the joy of getting music from this website?

    yes you are old but are you this old?

    11. Or getting a "testi" on Orkut.

    Employers writing a testimonial for an employee is a trend that still exists, while getting a testimonial on Orkut was a matter of pride. Facebook came along and all of us gave Orkut a step motherly treatment. Those were the days☺️ #Orkut

    12. Remember slam books?

    Did you guys write cringy shit on your friends slam books too? #90skid can relate.

    13. And collecting audio cassettes?

    14. Your cassette collection was enviable, wasn't it?

    15. And this joy was unparalleled.

    16. Whenever you think of these channels, their OG logos come to mind.

    Do you Remember the Original logos of these TV channels..#90skid

    17. Remember the anticipation of getting a film roll developed?

    @AllAbout90sLife After long time, today I was able to find my first camera. "Camera ho toh Yashica.."

    18. Remember these terrible outfits that we still somehow liked and wanted for ourselves?

    That time when men thought wearing curtains is sexy.

    19. :')

    Remember This Game? #ChildhoodMemories #90sMemories #Nostalgia #Childhood #90skid

    20. Remember this feeling of dread?

    Remember when your parents felt up the TV to check if it was warm and if it was, you were as good as dead

    21. Remember this song and its USP — the adorable koala bear that was basically an icon?

    Kudi jach Gayi! The Koala bear used in this Album had sold Out on every Archie's shop at that time..😍😍

    22. Remember falling in love with this song?

    23. Say Hip Hip Hurray!

    On public demand, enjoy your favourit title track.. :) Himmat aisi, ki aasmaan chhu jaate hai... Hip Hip Hurray #AllAbout90sLife #90s