People Are Sharing Their "Weakest Claim To Fame" And It's Juicy And Hilarious In Equal Parts

    "Britney Spears gave me, a lost gay boy, directions on a hike in Thousand Oaks"

    On Monday, Twitter user Steve O'Brien asked people what their weakest claim to fame was while mentioning some of his own. His thread went viral with more than 38,000 responses that contained everything from juicy anecdotes about celebrities to hilariously embarrassing encounters that somehow propelled people to "fame".

    What's your weakest claim to fame? I once dated the cousin of someone who played a cat nun on Doctor Who.


    Also once dated a woman who was Kate Winslet's younger sister's drama teacher.


    @MrsSteveMOBrien I once refused to share a lift with Margaret Thatcher.


    @MrsSteveMOBrien I broke my leg on live television in what turned out to be my last play of high school football. Right before halftime and then both teams just jogged off the field and the announcers are heard saying "I think that kid is really hurt" right before they cut to commercial.


    I tripped over Sebastian Stan’s foot exiting a bathroom at a bar in Philadelphia


    my grandpa was married to Johnny Depp's mom for roughly a year when Johnny was 16. my grandpa hated him forever for running up his phone bill one month and never paying him back.


    @MrsSteveMOBrien I turned down sex with David Bowie


    @MrsSteveMOBrien I'm friends with a guy who once took an airport shuttle van with Vanilla Ice.


    I sat next to Kit Harington in maths and he used to pretend his ruler was a plane and make it bomb my pencil case


    @ElieNYC @MrsSteveMOBrien Zachary Quinto came to my apartment in Bushwick to make out with my roommate in the (rat-infested) living room, but I didn't know and was just in my room the whole time.


    I once found Parks and Recreation filming in a park in Sherman Oaks near my home and got as close as I could. That's me below.


    I asked Patrick Swayze where the restroom was and he led me to a vending machine and said I could just pee into the dispenser. I declined.


    Was almost in a water park commercial as a kid but my swim trunks came off on the surf ride and everybody saw my penis. Camera guy was too embarrassed to ask for another take


    I once had dinner with The Beatles.


    I once made fun of Cher on the work Twitter account and she saw it and threatened to beat me up.


    Where the clouts at?! My claim to fame...I’m friends with a guy that makes beats for Drake.


    Britney Spears gave me, a lost gay boy, directions on a hike in Thousand Oaks


    my lab partner in 6th grade is like selena gomez's best friend


    Hand delivered a package to Kyle MacLachlan


    Bill Clinton once stayed in a hotel I worked in, and the executive chef asked me to work overnight in the room service kitchen in case he ordered food. He didn't.


    I once did a TV show with the second-most famous cat in Denmark.


    I sat directly in front of Martin Short in church one time and YES we did exchange the sign of peace


    I once saw some beautiful white Persian cats going through security at the airport, and it turns out they were Fancy Feast models.


    @MrsSteveMOBrien Alec Baldwin held the door open for me as I walked into a steakhouse in Boston about 20 years ago.


    Peyton Manning once visited my elementary school in Indianapolis and he gave all of us a box of Wheaties with his picture on it


    Weird fake date with certain former SNL cast member that used to always break character and has his own talk show now but left early to go see LTJ Bukem


    Bong Joon-ho's producer came to my dad's second wedding because they were neighbors.


    1990. Met Jaspal Bhatti in Delhi's Appu Ghar while heading into the 3D cinema dome. Requested him to pose for a photo. The queue was moving so he said we'll do it after the show. Later as we stepped out he was graciously waiting for us. I got a photo. My first celeb encounter.😀


    I’ve hung out with white blinking guy dot gif multiple times


    I am verified on #twitter

    Do you have a rather weak claim to fame? Sound off in the comments!