India Had Its Own Met Gala With Guests Like Zendaya And The Best Thing To Come Out Of It Were Obviously The Tweets

    "Ambani ke paas itna hi paisa hai toh mere munh pe 5 crore maar ke dikhaaye"

    The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre or the NMACC opened its doors in Mumbai on the 31st of March, 2023, so as to promote "India's rich cultural history through costume, performing, and visual arts". The grand opening gala, dubbed "India's Met Gala", saw some of the most famous Indian and international faces setting new trends in fashion while also singing and dancing their hearts out.

    + an ostentatious display of wealth.

    1. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone looked like the most gorgeous couple to exist on planet earth.

    2. While Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani gave them some serious competition.

    3. Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas couldn't possibly be missed.

    4. While this Multiverse of Madness also took place.

    5. Kriti Sanon looked like a million bucks.

    6. And so did Alia Bhatt.

    7. Vicky Kaushal had everyone and their mother thirsting after him.

    8. Whereas Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looked elegant as ever with daughter Aaradhya by her side.

    9. We couldn't take our eyes off Shraddha Kapoor.

    10. And Suhana Khan looked like an absolute dream.

    11. Nita Ambani and Rekha posed for pictures together.

    12. And Jackie Shroff arrived with a plant!

    13. Tom Holland, aka Spider-Man surprisingly wasn't very far from our homes.

    14. And we could have written odes to Zendaya and her Rahul Mishra saree.

    15. Gigi Hadid proved that all that glitters is often gold.

    16. While Penélope Cruz made a special appearance.

    17. Nita Ambani danced to "Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram", beautifully sung by Shreya Ghoshal.

    18. While Shah Rukh Khan decided to look more like Aryan Khan than Aryan Khan does.

    19. Varun Dhawan lifted Gigi Hadid in his arms...

    20. And Nick and Priyanka posed with an auto rickshaw (???)

    You get no prizes for guessing that the best part of an opulent event such as this would be...the tweets! Twitter users in India obviously went wild!

    Here are some gems ft. our unintentionally hilarious paparazzi:


    Mujhe kya, maine to meter on kardia hai

    Twitter: @kocharpulkit


    Mildly disappointed that the Ambanis won't be awkwardly performing to "Gigi aur Jija ko badhai ho badhai."

    Twitter: @ButVai


    Gigi Hadid after seeing Zayn Malik’s picture outside every barber shop in India

    Twitter: @stavyakandoth


    ambani ke paas itna hi paisa hai toh mere munh pe 5 crore maar ke dikhaaye

    Twitter: @imajokin


    inke ghar bhi functions se pehle kalesh hota hain kyaa

    Twitter: @kawwwshal


    jackie shroffs commitment to the bit is fantastic ye aadmi akela global warming reverse karega

    Twitter: @paaarth319


    Isi jhoomar ke neeche milegi Shantipriya ki laash

    Twitter: @sayantansunnyg


    Twitter: @ifOnlyKewal


    unseen photo from badtameez dil music video

    Twitter: @Riyaa_16


    15th August 12th class Desh Rangeela Farewell

    Twitter: @shibhhuu


    Modi couldn’t but Ambani brought Jetha and zenDaya together on the same set

    Twitter: @sagarcasm


    “jiji be, not gigi”🤣

    Twitter: @jashaaw


    shakira hai kya, kon hai bhai??

    Twitter: @maryamful


    Twitter: @swatic12


    Not the "kay bolaycha hyala" 😭😭 love the paps, they simply dgaf 🤣

    Twitter: @Havaldarshinde


    "ikde ikde ujwi kade" not paparazzi yelling in marathi at Gigi Hadid 😭

    Twitter: @MonicaYadav08


    bro Hollywood paps have got nothing on desi paparazzi like they’re literally so entertaining and their comic timing is immaculate???? their interactions with celebrities alone could be turned into a TV show and I’d binge the heck out of it (calling Nick Jonas JIJU IDHAR??? LMAO)

    Twitter: @thepurpledoe


    Jaake costume pehen lo abhi thodi der mein bachche aane waale hain

    Twitter: @clumsyninja0905


    ek baar wo spiderman wali costume me mere pote se mil lete toh wo bhi khush ho jayega.

    Twitter: @kadaipaneeeer


    Tom: I saw Stark Industries headquarters when I landed Mumbai Ambani: Wo toh Antilia hai

    Twitter: @sagarcasm

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