Here's How Indian McDonald's Are Different From American Ones

    We have pizza, piri piri, and paneer!

    Hi there! In case you didn't know already, Indians love fast food. And to that end, McDonald's is very popular (and also very different) in India.

    Picture of a McDonald's family restaurant in New Delhi, India.

    Local flavours have inspired so many dishes at McDonald's that it's easy to forget that it is a global corporation and not an Indian fast-food restaurant.

    1. We have the McAloo Tikki Burger.

    2. McAloo Tikki is such a staple that we also have a Mexican version of it.

    3. We also have Shake Shake Fries.

    4. And then we have the McSpicy Paneer!

    5. And since we're so obsessed with paneer:

    6. Speaking of spicy burgers and wraps:

    7. India is a proud lover of the Veg Pizza McPuff.

    Image of a person holding a Pizza McPuff from McDonald's India.

    8. And the Dosa Masala Burger. Or is it?

    Masala Dosa has competition from McDonalds. What have we not seen?

    McDonald's probably thought it was doing God's work by taking the many wonderful flavours of a masala dosa and amalgamating it with a French brioche, but this experiment did not impress many of its Indian customers. While some think that the Dosa Masala Burger is downright magical when it comes to taste, several others equate it with blasphemy.

    9. We can boast of Masala Scrambled Eggs on our menu.

    Image of McDonald's coffee along with masala scrambled eggs and some toasted, buttered buns.

    10. And we take immense pride in The Maharaja Mac.

    11. We have an Aloo Naan!?!

    Image of Aloo Naan from McDonald's India, with onions and a spicy sauce peeking out of it.

    12. And we also have Kebabs.

    13. You can also get Rice Bowls at McDonalds India.

    14. And Masala Potato Wedges.

    15. Once upon a time, we also had something called a Phirni McFlurry!

    16. And finally, when it comes to beverages from McCafe, McDonald's does have a 'Masala Chai Latte' on its menu. But not many Indians are fond of the atrocity that fast-food giants tend to dole out in the name of Chai.

    I would rather go on a chai ki tapri instead of McDonald's on my date 🌸


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