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    19 Jokes That Will Make Both ICSE And CBSE Kids Laugh

    "Everything is temporary but ICSE vs CBSE is permanent"

    1. This little joke that will make all ICSE kids go, "OMG".

    The assassination of Julius Caesar March 15, 44 BC

    Twitter: @tennisonok

    2. And this one will feel like a personal attack.

    ICSE students have only one personality and that is bragging about reading The Merchant Of Venice

    Twitter: @plaind0sa

    3. This bitter truth.

    4. And this other roast of ICSE kids.

    Celebrate your ICSE percentage now. Because after a week you will realize it is irrelevant.

    Twitter: @Somesh_IAS

    5. This tweet that will resonate with all CBSE kids.

    bro i had solved ncert, it's miscellaneous questions and rd sharma still i'm not a successful billionaire yet... will never forgive cbse for this scam

    Twitter: @kyaaboltitu

    6. And this one will make them say, "Ouch".

    cbse kids add a line from a poetry they read in their ncert textbook in 8th std as their insta bio and think they did something

    Twitter: @idlistan

    7. This will make them nod in agreement.

    8. And so will this one.

    9. Here's something that both ICSE and CBSE kids will relate to.

    Me marking my ownership on my book (during school days) for no reasons😂

    Twitter: @meme_ki_diwani

    10. And this.

    Students : spending 5 hours researching, 10 hours in writing, And 1 hour decorating the project file Le Teacher :-

    Twitter: @Cbsewalo1

    11. Oh and this one as well.

    12. Weren't we all guilty of this?

    13. And don't we all have these relatives?

    After 12 board results, relatives be like...

    Twitter: @Samcasm7

    15. Will we ever get tired of ICSE vs CBSE jokes?

    CBSE kids:- Mom I'm hungry ICSE kids :- Let it be known to birth giver that mine stomach consists of emptiness

    Twitter: @Sidesenikal

    16. Nope, don't think we will.

    CBSE student: I like you ❤ ICSE student:

    Twitter: @shubhamtweetsyo

    17. Definitely not.

    18. But while we love to make fun of each other, we know that our struggles are the same.

    Other kids : ABCDE Indian kids: CBSE,ICSE

    Twitter: @Farheyraan

    And that we're pretty much in the same boat.

    19. And for that we will always have mad respect for each other.

    Everything is temporary .....but icse vs cbse is permanent........

    Twitter: @Mr_Aditya_Verma

    No matter what!

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