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    This Video About How Desi Parents Used To Take Pictures Will Leave You In Splits

    Show this to your parents!

    Meet Vinita Khilnani, a comedy content creator and the person behind the viral (and hilarious) video called "How our parents used to take pictures".

    BuzzFeed spoke to the Los Angeles-based Vinita about her idea and how it materialised. She told us about her love for physical comedy and being able to tell a story without dialogue. "Laughter is a universal language and what better way to bring everyone together globally?" she said.

    Vinita Khilnani / @omgvinita / Via

    "Since the pandemic, I have been spending more time at home and this has allowed me to write more sketches and create more fun characters. I also took this opportunity to spend more time with my parents and get to know them better," she added while speaking about her incredibly supportive immigrant parents.

    Vinita Khilnani / @omgvinita / Via

    "I have enjoyed hearing stories about their childhood, their experiences being immigrants in America, and rediscovering their memories through a forgotten medium for the modern age — actual photo albums. What struck me was how the poses were so different from those of today, so I decided to poke some fun and recreate those poses through a modern medium — Instagram. The rest is, as they say, history," Vinita explained.

    Vinita Khilnani / @omgvinita / Via

    Well, if this doesn't remind you of a photograph of your mom from the good old days, I don't know what does.

    Vinita Khilnani / @omgvinita / Via

    Here's the fantastic video in question. Isn't this straight out of an old photo album of your parents?

    And here's a bonus part 2! BRB, showing this to my parents!

    For more wholesome and funny content, you can follow Vinita on Instagram.

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