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    26 Times Indian Films And TV Shows Said "Not Today" To Logic

    There's everything from washing laptops to using Scotch Brite as a defibrillator.

    1. This guy who could give The Flash and Quicksilver a run for their money.

    2. Oh and so can this dude.

    3. Don't forget this one.

    4. And speaking of superheroes, the tech in the Shaktimaan universe was so advanced, it is way beyond human comprehension.

    5. Oh and we did crossovers before they became mainstream.

    6. This extremely plausible scenario.

    7. And this other common occurrence.

    8. This gentle "fuck you" to the laws of Physics.

    9. If you thought that was it, there's plenty more.

    10. This other example of our deep-rooted hatred for forms of transport.

    11. This example of time being a mere concept.

    12. I am sure the phrase "dodged a bullet" finds its roots in India.

    13. Here's more proof in case you're still not convinced.

    14. This remarkable stunt work that makes the likes of Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise look like lame ducks.

    15. This movie scene that doubles up as a science lecture.

    16. This display of human strength.

    17. This scene that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

    18. This life hack.

    19. Our reality shows are illustrations of the fact that we always have our priorities in the right place.

    20. I mean there can't possibly be a better example than this.

    21. This scene, which is more dramatic than all of the influencer dramas on YouTube combined.

    22. This example of how Indian films have always been miles ahead of Hollywood.

    23. This life-saving technology that you'll only find in India.

    24. This gripping plot.

    25. This level of drama that is quite impossible to surpass.

    26. And finally, this masterpiece.