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    20 Food Photos That Will Simply Piss You Off

    And 20 that will make you feel immensely satisfied.

    1. This "pizza" which, honestly, would make me cry.

    2. Vs this cheesy pepperoni pizza that I want to eat right now.

    3. This...err...delicious shrimp fried rice.

    4. Vs these Oreo cupcakes that are a work of art.

    5. This pan of "spaghetti" that *totally* looks like spaghetti.

    6. Vs this bruschetta that is a treat to the eyes.

    7. This egg-vocado.

    8. Vs these chicken thighs that would be yummy in my tummy.

    9. This chilli dog that would certainly break someone's day.

    10. Vs these donuts that would absolutely make someone's day.

    11. This pasta b̶o̶w̶l̶ ball.

    12. Vs this croissant that is clearly made with large amounts of love.

    13. This chicken burger that is *not* sad at all.

    14. Vs this cake that'd make someone the happiest.

    15. These burgers look...umm...great, don't they?

    16. Vs this highly Instagrammable sushi platter.

    17. This breakfast that's making me relive my nightmares.

    18. Vs this ratatouille that'd totally soothe my senses.

    19. These extra crispy pies. Yummmm.

    20. Vs this country fried steak that deserves a whole lotta love.

    21. This lunch that would make me not look forward to lunch.

    22. Vs these wontons that I would devour in 15 seconds.

    23. This DIY cheese burger.

    24. Vs this dessert that would only require the act of intense munching.

    25. These "chips with melted cheese" that look like they were destroyed by a toddler.

    26. Vs this chocolate bar that was definitely brought to life by an artist.

    27. This is the lunch I'd serve to someone I really don't like.

    28. Vs these cheesecakes that I'd only serve to my favourite people.

    29. This delectable "soup tube".

    30. Vs these spectacular homemade brioches.

    31. This unearthly creation.

    32. Vs this poke bowl that is straight from the heavens.

    33. This chicken sandwich that can't wait to give you salmonella.

    34. Vs this stromboli that'd probably feel like a grandma's hug.

    35. This "sandwich" that even Ron Swanson wouldn't approve of.

    36. Vs this cheeseburger that he would undeniably love.

    37. These orange chicken nuggets that are giving me the blues.

    38. Vs this orange chicken that looks SO good!

    39. Whatever this is.

    40. Vs this charcuterie board I could write odes to.

    h/t: r/shittyfoodporn, r/food, and r/FoodPorn.