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24 Photos That Will Simply Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Having a bad day? You need this!

1. This made me tear up.

2. And this restored my faith in love.

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3. This beautiful miracle.

4. This adorable fun fact.

5. These wonderful parents.

6. Aren't Tucker and Mike the cutest?

7. This is proof that children really care.

8. This happy little man.

9. This good boy deserves all the belly rubs!

10. This lovely man must be protected at all costs.

11. And this treasure of a dad must also be protected at all costs.

12. Additionally, we have to protect this amazing son, no matter what!

13. Hi Doug!

14. After six weeks of being missing, this cat was finally found by his human.

15. The picture turned out so much better!

16. It costs nothing to be nice.

17. "My oldest son is 13. While he is really social and friendly, he's struggled making friends. So, my wife, with our son's permission, reached out to the moms of several other boys his age to organise a board game get-together every week this summer. The first one starts in 10 minutes!"

18. This incredibly clever baby.

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19. Dreams really do come true, don't they?

20. This has to be the cutest mom ever.

21. And also this sweet mom visiting her son at work.

22. This grandma must have her food, NOW!

23. You've got a friend in me.

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24. And finally, look at this 8-month-old baby, who woke up smiling after brain surgery.

Note: Some posts have been edited for clarity.