22 Pictures From India That Are Both Hilarious And Awkward

    "This is a highway not a die way"

    1. This extremely honest warning:

    2. This other honest warning:

    3. This example of brutal honesty:

    4. And this other example of brutal honesty:

    5. This rather strange warning:

    6. These "urinal etiquettes":

    7. "Don't Drive Safely":

    8. These incredibly fair rules:

    9. This fair treatment of trespassers:

    10. This destination:

    11. This zero judgement zone:

    12. Entry level jobs in a nutshell:

    13. I'd rather go for an "Eye-Phone" than an iPhone:

    14. Understood?

    15. Awkwardness 1.0:

    16. Awkwardness 2.0:

    17. This gentle request:

    18. Whoever came up with this is a genius:

    19. Everything is "tasted" here:

    20. Oh...ok:

    21. This accidental porn area:

    22. And this important warning: