21 People Who Are Having A Much, MUCH Worse Day Than You

    At least you're not receiving pizza without any cheese AND sauce.

    1. I'd be grateful that I am not that one candidate...

    2. Be happy that you're not the person these shoes actually belonged to.

    3. At least you're not having the evening this person is having.

    4. Or biting into a raw chicken sandwich, like this person.

    5. This person needs a new pair of AirPods AND a new garage.

    6. And RIP to this person's pants.

    7. And this other person's car.

    8. At least you didn't randomly fall into a hole while walking around in your own house!

    9. Let's say a little prayer for this person who paid $200 for headphones that they never got.

    10. And be thankful that you're not this person who was greeted with this "view" of the Grand Canyon.

    11. At least you don't have mouldy pizza lying around in your house.

    12. Or eating pizza that has no sauce and cheese.

    13. Or eating pizza with THIS MUCH sauce.

    14. This person paid $44 for this mug. $44!

    15. I'd be grateful for not having the kind of day this entire office is having.

    16. And that my laundry room does not look like this.

    17. Feeling particularly sad for this person who paid extra for a window seat.

    18. And this other unfortunate person who'll have to make do with what their neighbours are watching.

    19. Well, at least you're not Dennis.

    20. Or this restaurant worker.

    21. And finally, be thankful that you have a TV that does not look like this.

    How do ants even get inside a TV??????