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12 People We Wish Were Our Bros

Sometimes life can kick you right in the hurt locker. But you'll get through it if your wingman is one of these guys... or one of these guys -- brought to you by Suits, Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA -- watch the season premiere online!

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1. The fun bro who maybe sorta has a tiny drinking problem

2. Any bro who will say YES to your craziest ideas

3. This bro who saves bro's best friend

4. This bro who's got your back on the ramp

5. Any bro with moves like this

6. Any bro needs a dog bro


7. A bro who you can trust from the cradle to the grave

8. The coolest bro of all time

9. These bros who attack (literally anything) as a pack

10. Everyone needs a badass biker bro

11. This bro with season tickets

12. This bro whose initials are DGAF

On the other hand, if your "bro" acts like this... you may want to sue.

Brought to you by “Suits” – returning July 16 @ 10/9c on USA

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