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11 Cats Who Are Richer Than You

These 1% nine-lifers don't have time for your envy. They're too busy rolling in a giant pile of money and hiring expensive lawyers. Brought to you by Suits, Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA -- watch the season premiere online!

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3. This hard-to-please aristocat

(c) GK Hart/Vikki Hart / Getty Images

Kenley is trying hard to hide her disgust that she has to choke down British caviar like some kind of stray.

4. This sporty Italian import (and his car)

Alexandre Prévot / Via Flickr: 32569229@N06

Tomas didn't buy this car because he has a tiny penis. All cats have tiny penises. Tomas bought this car because he's RICH.

8. This millionaire pop-artist


Mini received some hate from the rest of the art community for going commercial so fast, but as she defiantly told the Times, "it's not selling out, it's cashing in."

10. This internet mogul

Jay's Photo / Getty Images

Jared made a cool gazill when Facebook went public, and now he mainly hangs out with the waterfront strays in Ibiza and drinks gin.

Ok, let's get real for a second. Rich cats don't generally hire lawyers. But if they did, they'd hire these guys: Suits--returning July 16 @ 10/9c on USA

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