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15 Lessons Video Games Have Taught Us IRL

These lessons grabbed from gaming can help us all level up at life. To power up your snacktime, there's Sugar Crisp.

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1. After a hard-fought victory, take time to celebrate your sweet skills.

Midway Games / Via

Even if you're a weird skeleton guy.

2. Know when to just let go and enjoy the ride.

Sega / Via

Even when the ride is sort of terrifying.

3. Never underestimate the value of a good power-up.

Namco / Via

Here's looking at you, midday snack. OK, fine, midday snacks.

4. Remember that the universe is a massive and awe-inspiring place. / Via Super3dcow /

Sometimes filled with deadly invading aliens, but awe-inspiring nonetheless.

5. Sometimes it's just not your day.

Broderbund / Ubisoft / Via

Not your fault. Just call it a day and try again tomorrow.

6. It's polite to make eye contact with someone when they are talking.

Bioware / EA / Via /

It lets them know you're paying attention.

7. Mastering even the simplest task takes time and patience.

You can't even pet the cat without protective magic at Level 1.
Adam Ellis / Via

You can't even pet the cat without protective magic at Level 1.

8. Your commute is only as entertaining as you make it. / Via

Please do not attempt these moves IRL — not even in the HOV lane.

9. It's always nice to treat a friend to lunch. / Via

Even if it's something super easy, like shooting delicious cereal into their mouth.

10. It pays to look before you leap.

Eidos Interactive / Via

Like this, but also, like, metaphorically speaking.

11. Timing is everything.

Rare / Via

This is literally never not true.

12. A little razzle-dazzle goes a long way.

Midway / Acclaim Entertainment / Via

Who doesn't like a little razzle-dazzle?

13. There are experiences so sweet you just can't get enough.

Shogakukan / Via

"Just. gotta. complete. this. last. side. quest."

14. Not every issue has two legitimate sides.

Nintendo / Via

Same goes for sweets, tbh. What is the "no" option even there for?

15. And every once in a while, you should get off the couch and get some fresh air.

Remember, there's no "open world" like the actual open world.

Remember, there's no "open world" like the actual open world.

The easiest lesson to learn is that a great snack makes gaming even sweeter. That's why Sugar Crisp is the perfect expansion pack for your next session!