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10 Awkward Moments That Can Happen When You Have A Cold

*sneezes disgustingly*

1. When your constant sniffles drive the people around you mad.

2. And when you pause mid-sentence to sneeze.

3. When you do silly things because you can’t think clearly.

4. And when your foggy head leads to mistakes at your job.

5. When your eyes are red and puffy and everyone keeps asking if you’re alright.

6. And when they won’t believe you when you say it’s only a cold.

7. When people look at you funny for carrying a box of tissues like a fashion accessory.

8. And when no one recognizes your “sick voice”.

9. When your partner doesn’t want to be near you because they fear they’ll get sick.

10. And when you have a big messy sneeze that lands on someone else.

Don’t let your cold create major awkwardness in your life. Sudafed can help you keep that nose in check.

Sudafed Blocked Nose Spray. Always read the label. Contains Xylometazoline.