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A Day At The Rodeo Turned Into A Nightmare

How a 9 year old boys life changed forever...

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What started off as a normal day for one family in mesquite, Texas eventually turns into a nightmare. One member of the Gregg family came close to losing his hand in August 2004. As Alexander was watching horses and bull riders, he was taken by surprise when a falling window came down on his hand. As Mr. Gregg stated, “no one was supposed to be in that box suite...” due to the windows known malfunction. The window could no longer hold itself up and crashed down on Alexander’s right hand. Fortunately for Alex there were three men who helped lift the window off. Alexander was in such shock he was not able to feel the pain until getting to the hospital.

Pamela Barrett

Once at the hospital, Alexander and his parents were able to under the full extent of his injuries. Alexander would have to have a serious surgery that would hopefully save his right hand. After the successful surgery, he would have to live with 5 rods and 10 pins in his hand for half a year. A 9 year old experiencing that kind of trauma is unfathomable.

After enduring half a year with pins and rods sticking out of his tiny hand, Alexander was able to get them removed and go through physical therapy. With the help of physical therapy, doctors were able to tell if Alexander would regain the movement and feeling of his right hand. This physical therapy also lasted 6 months and included extensive amounts of exercise to his hand and arm to help the muscle grow back. At this point doctors did that think his growth plates would fuse back together since the window destroyed them. They thought that his hand would remain the same size forever. Fortunately for alexander, his growth plates did fuse together and his hand was able to grow to normal size.

Pamela Barrett

After about 13 years, Alexander is still traumatized by this event and “will not be stepping foot at the Mesquite Rodeo or any rodeo…” for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, doctors have told him though that he will most likely get arthritis at an early age due to the injury. But, Alexander still does physical therapy for his hand from time to time and continues to push forward from this event.

Pamela Barrett

When I had this interview with Alexander Gregg, I learned that he does not let this injury debilitate him in anyway. As a child, he was still able to play sports and have a good time like any other little boy would. Alexander continues to thrive and excel in everyday life even if the use of his hand can become annoying at times. Lastly, I do want to thank Alexanders mother for providing the photos and thanks to Alexander for letting me interview him. I am also very happy to say that the rodeo and company were held liable for their actions so no child has to go through this experience again.

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