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How To Help A Genuinely Nice Bloke Through A Difficult Time

Our friend finds himself single after a 6 year relationship and just before our group skiing holiday...

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Successful Sausage Salesman Seeks Saucy Single Skier

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Our friend finds himself single after a 6 year relationship and just before our planned group skiing holiday...

We are therefore looking for someone to take the open space, as being the gent he is, he offered to pay her back the money for her spot knowing he would not be able to get a refund from the company (what a nice guy!).

We feel bad that he is going to pay double whack for it if we cannot find anyone to fill the spot... so have started the quest to find a saucy single skier!

It is a group holiday with 11 other 23-25 year olds, mixed ability skiers but predominantly couples who all appreciate the apres ski.

This is an excellent opportunity for a bit of a risk taker who is easy-going, enjoys a good time, likes meeting new people (making new friends?) and wants a cheap ski holiday in the Alps with a group of young professionals.

26th March - 2nd April flights from Bristol (flexible depending on location)

The holiday includes changing the name on the ticket, flights, transfers, lift pass, accommodation (own en-suite room), breakfast, afternoon tea and a 4 course dinner (incl wine!) every day!

The lucky bidder will be able to have their own en-suite room (unless they want to share with the sausage salesman?) in a lush luxury chalet with a sauna and heated outdoor pool - 500m from the ski lift.

The only condition is that we would like to have a pre-ski meet-up before exchange of money and confirmation of holiday!

Bid for the holiday here

This a chance to help a genuinely nice bloke through a difficult time :)

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