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10 Truly Unbelievable Moments In Sandwich History

With the arrival of paninis at Subway®, a new, delicious chapter has been added to the sandwich history book — which definitely does not contain these moments, because they 100% did not happen. Or did they?

1. Around 1440 — Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press to make copies of his 11 Best Sandwiches in Germany list.

2. 1508 — Michelangelo realizes he left the lunch pail containing his PB&J on the ground while painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

3. Between 1599 and 1602 — William Shakespeare pens Hamlet to distract himself from his Monte Cristo craving.

4. 1752 — Benjamin Franklin proves lightning is electrical by flying a kite tied to his panini press during a thunderstorm.

5. May 24, 1844 — Samuel Morse sends the first telegraphic message while eating a tuna club and gets mayo all over the equipment.

6. July 1, 1867 — Three colonies join together as one to throw a super-dope soirée, eat a giant party sub, and form Canada.

7. May 21, 1932 — Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic to try those tiny tea sandwiches.

8. July 20, 1969 — Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to have the tomatoes slide out of his BLT on the moon.

9. August 18, 1969 — Woodstock Music & Art Fair ends abruptly when festival goers realize en masse they could go for a salami on rye.

10. September 28, 2015 — NASA confirms evidence of flowing water on Mars and begins search for flour and yeast.

Unlike these truly unbelievable moments, Subway® paninis are the real deal. Treat yourself to one today.