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11 Lunchtime Struggles That Are Way Too Real

How hard’s lunch? Pretty hard. Lucky Subway® Restaurants have the go-to answer with their new Pastrami and Relish Sub.

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1. When you’ve just had breakfast but now want lunch.

2. When you leave your office for the first time today without a plan of what to get for lunch.

3. When everyone’s having lunch but you still can’t decide what to get.

4. When you order lunch and your mate gets something better and now you have food envy so you get two lunches. Even though you're full.

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5. When you see a giant line for lunch so you convince yourself today is the day you try something new. / Via

Like that little shop that isn't busy.

6. When you get your lunch and go find somewhere peaceful to eat and sit down only to realise you forgot a drink.

7. When you’re not hungry for lunch yet but everyone’s going so you go with them not to appear alone. But then you eat when not hungry thus not enjoying it.

8. When you are so busy and you forgot to eat your lunch. And then by the time you remember it is dinnertime.


9. When you forget your lunch at home even though you were so excited to eat it.

10. When you order from somewhere and are so excited to eat only for them to say cash only. So you leave. Never to return ever again. :(

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11. Or having to order extra things just to make up the eftpos card minimum even though you really only want one thing.

"What other useless things can I buy while here?"
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"What other useless things can I buy while here?"

12. When your friend eyes up your lunch and asks for a bite so you give them some 'cause you’re nice but then they eat pretty much all of it.

Since the dawn of lunch, we've all had these struggles. Hopefully one day it'll be a little easier.

Brought to you by Subway’s® new Pastrami and Relish sub. Lunch is sorted. Try one today!