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    11 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Cook Ever Again

    What the heck????

    1. The creator of this burger monstrosity where the buns are made of APPLES:

    /u/TerroristOgre / Via

    Oprah, throw some bread their way, boo!

    2. Whoever could've even thought this would go well:

    unknown / Via

    A hot Cheetos glazed doughnut. Points for creativity, but really?

    3. This chocolate eclair filled with STEAK:

    Heather Lang / Via

    4. The cold, dead heart who thought this was a good idea:

    weirdfoodthatieat / Via

    Chocolatey, cheesy goodness in a grilled cheese.

    5. The person who created these "hot dog tacos":

    /u/pwnagelad / Via

    6. The monster who ruined a perfectly good pizza with SpaghettiOs:

    unknown / Via

    You've been disgusted by pineapple on pizza, but now your entire life is ruined.

    7. Whoever couldn't makeup their mind between breakfast and lunch:

    unknown / Via

    It's the glaze dripping off the bacon that really seals the deal.

    8. Whoever created Kool-Aid chicken:

    unknown / Via

    Just because you like Kool-Aid and you like chicken, it doesn't mean you have to combine them!!!!!

    9. Whoever abused chocolate and pickles like this:

    Ms Laura / Via

    Let's not take a big ol' bite out of this.

    10. The person who thought cinnamon rolls weren't good enough and had to fill them with sausage:

    unknown / Via

    11. And this Doritos-crusted PB&J sandwich:

    redsox17 / Via

    Me @ all of these people: