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17 Dawgs Who Are Slaying The Canine Game

Look at yourself in the mirror and just say it. Say "These dogs are cooler than me."

1. This dog, who you would definitely swipe right on. ADMIT IT.

2. This confident cool guy.

3. This angel, who does not underestimate a good spa night after a long week.

4. This one, who's like, "I don't work for anyone. I built my OWN empire."

5. This dog, who's just waiting for you to say something about her outfit.

6. This one, who is the the pinnacle of Advanced Style.

7. This one, who's saying, "HEEEEEY," like a cool biker guy.

8. This DJ.

9. This dog, who definitely stole your prom date.

10. This funny man, who is simultaneously unimpressed by your joke.

11. This older gentleman, who says, "PLEASE, I am trying to watch my Sunday morning news program!"

12. This dog, who is basically saying, "WHAT, PUNK?"

13. This dog, who is SO glad you and your lovely husband could make it out to her housewarming party.

14. This confetti enthusiast, who is ready to get the party started.

15. This one, serving Farrah-Fawcett-on-the-beach REALNESS.

16. This totally Normcore dawg.

17. And this sheriff, who LOVES his Western ghost town.

Alright, you’ve been graced by their presences. Now, post your own pooch pic, and join Subaru in sharing how you #MakeADogsDay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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