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17 Dawgs Who Are Slaying The Canine Game

Look at yourself in the mirror and just say it. Say "These dogs are cooler than me."

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2. This confident cool guy. / Via

Not afraid to mix denim with... Wait, is that a harness?

4. This one, who's like, "I don't work for anyone. I built my OWN empire." / Via

6. This one, who is the the pinnacle of Advanced Style. / Via

12. This dog, who is basically saying, "WHAT, PUNK?" / Via

13. This dog, who is SO glad you and your lovely husband could make it out to her housewarming party. / Via

"Oh, HAY SWEETIE, I didn't see you there! When did you and Rich get here? How was the drive? Grab some punch and a sandwich, and enjoy the PARTY, babe!"

16. This totally Normcore dawg. / Via

17. And this sheriff, who LOVES his Western ghost town. / Via

Alright, you’ve been graced by their presences. Now, post your own pooch pic, and join Subaru in sharing how you #MakeADogsDay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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