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Customize Your Ear Piercings With Mixable, Matchable Styles From Studs

Finally, a place to curate your dream ear party without sacrificing an entire paycheck.

Have you ever gone searching for the same cool earrings you saw on Instagram, only to find out they cost $100+ because you have to buy them in pairs even though you only envision using one?

a model wearing a mix of Western-themed gold earrings

Well, that no longer has to be the case! Studs is a one-stop shop for on-trend earrings in over 250 styles that are durable enough for everyday wear and safe for sensitive ears.

a interior of a Studs shop location in Los Angeles

Studs is offering readers a special 20% online discount off their first order with code Buzzfeed2021

a model wearing a mix of gold earrings and earrings with pearl details

Let's dive into some of our favorite picks from the Studs assortment, so you can start charting your dream Earscape®.

And, remember, free shipping for orders over $50. 🎉

A bestselling serpent stud that'll quickly ~slither~ its way into your regular earring rotation, whether it occupies the last centimeter of available lobe space or hangs out on your helix.

A classic mini pavé huggie to add a bit of sparkle to your ear ensemble.

Or this romantic baroque pearl huggie for a modern twist on a timeless classic that's simply pearl-fect.

A cheeky martini charm huggie, because nothing about your style is basic — even your earrings. Ch(ear)s to that!

And a tried-and-true medium crescent hoop with a bit of extra bulk for a '90s-inspired feel that's totally of the moment.

Got a taste and want to see more? We don't blame you. Check out the Studs website to shop the huge earring selection.

Looking to add more holes to your lobes?

Book an IRL piercing appointment online at one of Studs’ retail locations and get treated to a safe, clean, and professional piercing service with needles (never guns!). Plus, there are more than 50 actually cute piercing jewelry options to purchase in-store, so you'll love the way your new piercing looks from the very start! 

And don’t forget to use the code Buzzfeed2021 at checkout to get a special 20% new customer, online-only discount!

a model wearing a face mask having their ear pierced by a piercing technician