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    11 Things You’ll Only Understand if You’re Pregnant

    Whether you have been or still are, being pregnant is hard…

    1. When people ask you “what are you expecting”

    I don't know, a boy? Girl? Bear cub maybe?

    2. When your friends start telling you ‘horror stories’ about someone else’s birthing experience

    3. Enjoying your food when someone says “you shouldn’t be eating that”

    Maybe you’re right, but don’t come between a pregnant woman and her food.

    4. And “how are you going to lose weight after the baby?”

    5. When people tell you to ‘sleep now while you can’

    Not that you can sleep comfortably now with a baby fidgeting in your belly all night.

    6. Getting uncomfortable pains and someone says “it doesn’t hurt that bad”

    Braxton hicks? Painful bladder from the baby thinking it’s a squeeze toy?

    7. When people point out how big your belly is

    (I am carrying another human inside me.)

    8. Followed by the “but you don’t even look pregnant from behind” compliment

    Am I carrying the baby in my back?

    9. The random emotional outbursts you experience

    Usually over nothing.

    10. Two words: baby brain.

    11. When it’s finally your due date and it’s all about to become 100% more real

    and you really can't wait for your mini you

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