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8 Things That Are Better Than A Date On Valentines

Consider this short list of things which are GUARANTEED to be better than having a date on valentines day. If your lucky enough to have another half who you can spend this occasion with chances are your missing out on these.

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1. Seeing who is unluckily trapped with your demon EX

Valentines day can often be an occasion of sorrow and even potential heartbreak for singles or recently singles , however take the time to laugh and turn your sorrow into happiness with a quick look at who your EX has moved on with... *SPOILER ALERT*

2. Finish top of your team on Call of Duty

There is no feeling better than the feeling of being on top of the world. There are a number of ways to achieve this but none rival the feeling of dominance at achieving a number 1 spot in a match of call of duty. Unless you have a date in which the chances are you wont be playing that for a long time.

5. Buy Stuff

With no date and more money this means you can treat yourself to the fine luxuries which this world has to offer be it new clothes, pizza , shoes your certain to find something you would like to buy

8. Stay In

With no motivation to leave the house staying in on the 14th is the new going out only more fun. You can relax with no care in the world and binge watch the latest tv show on netflix well eating pizza who's the real winner ?

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