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11 Unexpected (But Totally Real) Reasons You Should Go Out More

Going out to live events is the best. StubHub surveyed fans about what motivates their nights out, concerts, festivals, ball games, and road trips...and some of the answers were, well, interesting.

1. Your first concert is actually more memorable than your first kiss.

2. It's totally better than meeting the president.

3. Your social media game will be extra hype.

4. It might just save your relationship.

5. It will increase your chances of hooking up with your date, but...

6. ...seeing a live event is less likely to disappoint you than sex.

7. It will make your friends super jelly.

8. It's a really good excuse to travel.

9. It might end up being more important to you than...toilet paper?

10. You'll have fewer regrets.

11. It will actually make you happier. Seriously.

Inspired to get out and go to more live events? Enter StubHub’s #StubHubStories contest and tell them the live-event story of your dreams. You could win a chance to bring it to life!