13 College Majors That Actually Exist

College is chock-full of opportunities. It’s never too late to pursue some higher education. Rest assured, there’s a major for you.

1. Surf Science

PAINFULLY UNNECESSARY PUN: For the students who want to sea the world.

2. Comedy

bonnielevy / Via instagram.com

WHY MUST YOU WRITE PUNS?!: Graduate with Ha!-ners.

3. Therapeutic Use of Adventure

MAKE IT STOP: The best way to “drop out” of college.

4. Comic Book Art

I WANT TO LOOK AWAY… BUT I CAN’T: Be a valuable edition to the workforce.

5. Bowling Management

shiznyee / Via Twitter: @shiznyee

KNOCK KNOCK. Who’s There? ANOTHER PUN: Make sure your 9–5 is easy to pick up.

6. Logic

Bluechilli23 / Via Flickr: bluechilli

ONE MORE: This major makes sense.

7. Puppetry

I’M ACTUALLY STARTING TO ENJOY THESE: Maybe you could even get a Puppet Master? …come on, that was a lay-up.

8. Decision-Making

Gerry Dincher / Via Flickr: gerrydincher


9. Poultry Science

THIS IS FUN: Chicks dig poultry majors.

10. Auctioneering

Crossroads Foundation Photos / Via Flickr: crossroads_foundation

OK, I’M NOT SURE I LIKE THE PUNS ANYMORE: The teachers speak so fast that you’ll learn a semester’s worth of information just by going once… going twice…

11. Basic Horse Training

donjd2 / Via Flickr: ddebold

HOW MANY MORE ARE THERE?!: Get the career you want without having to saddle for minimum wage.

12. The Beatles

LET IT BE OVER: <—actually that was pretty good.

13. Bagpipe

jula julz / Via Flickr: jula_julz

FINAL PUN: It’s almost exam time. Don’t blow it!

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