10 People Who Never Gave Up On Their College Dreams

It’s never too late. Through age, success, fame, and all the obstacles of life, these people never gave up on their dreams of graduating.

1. Twila Boston

Tyson Bybee / Via liberalis.usu.edu

This 98-year-old finally received her degree in 2012, making her the oldest graduate on record at Utah State University.

2. Steven Spielberg

Olivia Salazar / WireImage / Getty Images

Steven Spielberg didn’t even let success get in the way. He finally earned his BA in 2002, 35 years after he originally started.

3. Helen Small

Courtesy of University of Texas at Dallas / Via utdallas.edu

Helen Small graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2007, at the age of 87. She was 90 when she achieved her master’s in 2010.

4. Maria Bailey

Maria Bailey

After a lot of hard work, Maria fulfilled a lifelong dream of graduating from college. She attended Berkley with her daughter, Vanessa.

5. Evelyn Campbell

Evelyn was nearly 90 years old when she finally achieved an associate of arts degree from Lourdes University.

6. Willadene Zedan

Marian University Photo / Via nextavenue.org

Zedan, at the age of 85, completed her degree to pursue her dream job of accompanying local doctors on house calls to the homebound elderly.

7. Gac Filipaj

Jason DeCrow / AP

Filipaj graduated from Columbia after 12 years of balancing studies and his full-time job as a janitor at the school.

8. Brian May

Dylan Martinez / Reuters

The guitarist from Queen never gave up on his education, completing his Ph.D in Astrophysics at Imperial College in 2007.

9. Charlie Ball

Charlie Ball / Via katv.com

Charlie Ball had his studies interrupted by Pearl Harbor. He returned and finally acheived his degree from Arkansas Tech at 89 years old.

10. Martha Mason

Wake Forest University / Via news.wfu.edu

It’s never too late to go back… or too hard to start. Mason was paralyzed by polio at age 11 and spent most of her life in an iron lung. But that didn’t stop her from earning two college degrees, both at the top of her class.

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