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Operating And Maintaining Your Stairlift

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Operating And Maintaining Your Stairlift

Learn how to operate common stairlift features, including how and when you should be getting your stairlift serviced.

The majority of domestic stairlifts are easy to use and maintain, because of their reliability, it is uncommon for issues to occur. However, there are some basic points that you should know to keep it running at peak performance.

Generally, a stairlift will be made up of a seat, or a standing platform, an area to rest the feet, the operating controls and the tracking rail that the lift moves up and down on. There will be times where you may need to ‘call’ the stairlift from its idle point.


Most seated stairlifts will come with adjustable seats enabling you to get on and off them with ease. Some swivel seats are motorised but all will lock in place when it is necessary. The seats should also fold up when not in use so the stair are still accessible to non-stairlift users.


Controlling a stairlift is made extremely simple, normally consisting of a key that is inserted into the machine (the key should remain in while using the stairlift regularly), push buttons, or a lever/joystick that moves left and right. Most controls can be set up on the armrest of the lift, making them more accessible.


Stairlifts can run on rechargeable batteries or on electricity mains, however, neither will be at risk of failure in the event of a power cut as the mains will have backup batteries.

Those that run on rechargeable batteries are made so that the batteries automatically recharge each time you operate the lift. A user will be able to locate the charger at the top or bottom of the staircase. It is important to know the location as you will need to return the stairlift to its parking position using either a remote or button on the wall so it can recharge.


It is important to remember that stairlifts are mechanical devices, therefore need to be inspected every six months and serviced each year. Moreso for those entirely dependent on them for access to the whole house.

Stairlifts should come with a warranty of a minimum of one year. There may be an option of a 24-hour no fee call-out service for that initial year that’ll cover any spare parts that might be needed.

Enquire whether your chosen stairlift company offers an extended warranty/maintenance contract when purchasing a stairlift with them.

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