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9 Reasons Why Winter Is Way Better Than Summer

Summer is alright, but there's nothing quite like a fresh, sparkling winter snowstorm. Winter rules, but hear the other side then let us know what you think!

1. Tis' the season for family photos.

__iiriie / Via

Go ahead and give your mother what she wants for the holidays, a framed photo of you and your siblings as she will always remember you...a pain in the butt.

2. It gives you an excuse to be a cat lady.

Glenn Scofield Williams / Via Flickr: glennwilliamspdx

During the summer everyone expects you to go outside— now you can just claim it’s too cold.

3. The cold is the perfect excuse to cover up that embarrassing tattoo you have on your back...


In retrospect, maybe a dictionary would have been helpful.

4. It's beard season!

Betsy Weber / Via Flickr: betsyweber

5. People make super creative things out of snow...

SteFou! / Via Flickr: stephen-oung

Where do they find the time?

6. The decorations are way better.

Kim Smith / Via Flickr: asimpledarksquid

Get your festivity on!

7. Not many people will notice if you shower.

Via Aubree Lennon

Just don’t take off all those layers.

8. Most importantly...

comedy_nose / Via Flickr: 23408922@N07

The best day of your life. Every time.

9. The food is a reliable source of heat!

Via Stouffer's®

But maybe you have a friend who thinks summer is better!

Steven Depolo / Via Flickr: 10506540@N07

Disagree? Choose your side of the argument now.

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