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Lorde's New Album Just Dropped And It's Crazy Good

So it's the day we'd all been waiting for.... June 16, the day Lorde releases her new album, Melodrama - oh wait, it's already released now!! That's right, y'all, all eleven freaking tracks have been released online, on iTunes, and on Spotify. Here's a little breakdown of what to expect.

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track 1: Green Light


So this one's been out for a fair two months, complete with a beautiful music video. Lorde has stated that it's about that one girl at a party who's just dancing away her break-up (poetic, right?). It has electric beats and a pretty quick-paced steady rhythm.

"I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it"

track 2: Sober

Whoa, it starts off with a piping voice and then a hollow beat, topped off with these awesome electric tunes popping in. It's definitely a dance-it-off song that's tinged with a "fuck-it" vibe.

"Bet you wish you could touch our rush, but what would we do when we're sober"

track 3: Homemade Dynamite

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Just gotta say, Lorde's song titles are amazing. Lorde stated at Coachella, that it's about the "ups and downs" when you're 20-something, especially when you're out at night. And the dichotomy of the two was what she was interested in.

It's definitely a song that I could see myself relating with...

And it thrums and throbs and Lorde couples her quavering voice with it, which makes it really stick.

"Our friends, our drinks, we get inspired"

track 4: The Louvre

Lorde's voice overpowers this track as the melody slowly builds, then jumps in with a sharp snare that pulses with the sifting tunes. There's like this tension that holds you close then releases, only to pull you back once again.

"Broadcast the boom boom boom, and make 'em all dance to it"

track 5: Liability

Nbc / Will Heath / NBC

Yeah, that one song that was released in March, where Lorde appeared on SNL and sang it live. And damn was her costume gorgeous (she said she wanted to appear like a moth, which is a hidden meaning you'll understand when you listen to the song, ok?).

This song is solely Lorde's wispy voice paired with a melancholy piano playing in the background - and it's beautiful. It makes you want to cry and smile at the same time, which is what Lorde was going for probably.

"Get you wild, make you bleed"

track 6: Hard Feelings/Loveless

There's a muted snare that keeps the slow beat going in the first part of the song, and the electric melody twists around Lorde's breathy strains.

I keep thinking of a tropical rainforest as I listen to this song, it's that eclectic.

"But I still remember everything"

And then, there's the second half of this song and it brings a faster snare, still slightly muted. It juxtaposes gently with the first part and slowly fades out. It's a bit reminiscent of Glass Animals' song "Take A Slice".

"Bet you wanna rip my heart out"

track 7: Sober ll (Melodrama)

This song has electric strains and a throng of single piano chords. Lorde's emotion in this song is enough to make you get goosebumps (in a good way). It feels like a mix between a legendary rap song and a violin instrumental. Damn, it's really hard to explain the feeling you get listening to it, other than you feel like you just broke up with someone for a good reason?

"We told you that this was melodrama, our only wish is melodrama"

track 8: Writer In The Dark

This track features Lorde's crooning with a melody that swells and orchestrates around it. It kinda starts off like she's accepted her feelings for a lover, but her angst breaks through and that's how the song finishes off.

"Bet you rue the day you kissed a writer in the dark"

track 9: Supercut

Lorde saying "Supercut" gives me life, just saying.

This one has a good thumping beat and has a very nostalgic feel to it. It's like Lorde's remembering all the lovey times she's shared, yet thinking about those fast paced times leads to her remembering how it all ended.

"But when I reach for you, there's just a supercut"

track 10: Liability (Reprise)

So this is like an add-on to "Liability", yet it almost feels like a separate thing. It has a gritty real taste to it, and it addresses self-awareness and the journey of discovering who you are.

"All of the things that I offer you, and all of the shit that we harbour"

track 11: Perfect Places

It's another laugh/cry song, like that girl from "Green Light" is growing up now. It's triumphant and embraces the downhills of life through a fast beat and grungy snare. Additionally, it's a burst of harmonious sounds that sort of wail with Lorde's voice, capturing the dizzying stage of adolescence.

"Now I can't stand to be alone"

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