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Amateur hour is over. The best parties have the best bars, and this is how you set up the best full bar for your soiree.

Liquor should be placed in the center, easily accessible to everyone. Set up the bar this way and your guests will have access to the liquor from both sides of the table. For a party of up to 40, you’ll each need a bottle of cognac, white rum, gin, bourbon, tequila, and three bottles of vodka – the meat and potatoes (heh) of every bar. For variety, have a few different flavours of vodka to mix things up.

Stock up with two to three bottles of the juices and sodas, and one bottle of each of the rest.

These flourishes are literally the cherry on top for cocktails. Consider including some quirky additions like berries, chiles, or cinnamon sticks.

You’ll need three to four glasses per guest, so be prepared!

Photographs by Lauren Zaser / Design by Laura Hoerner ©BuzzFeed

Now you’re all set for an epic evening (as long as you have ice). Don’t waste your night just throwing any party; throw THE party with THE vodka: Stoli.