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10 Awesome Apps That Make Creativity Easy

Not everyone can be an artist, but with these apps, you can get pretty darn close. Tap in to your inner creative spirit and turn to ORGNL.TV, Stoli vodka's editorial, lifestyle channel.

1. Use your words to draw with Type Drawing:

Xoan Baltar / Via Flickr: pirillan

Tired of drawing with the same old boring brushes? Now with Type Drawing, you can make awesome creations with type. Just put whatever words you want to use, pick a font, and start drawing your pictures in a new and interesting way.

2. Sketch without waste with Paper:

Lapluie / Via

With its sleek design and easy to use platform, Paper gives you all the tools to create awesome sketches. You can also create custom notebooks so your drawings are organized.

3. Let your photos speak with Over:

budasama / Via

We know you love taking beautiful pictures, but sometimes those beautiful pictures need something extra. With Over , you get to pick from a ton of trendy fonts and place type anywhere you want over your picture.

4. Make stop motion animations with ease with Step:


Step allows anyone to create awesome stop motion animations in an easy to use app. Once you're done, you can save them as GIF or movie files to share your beautiful creation with your friends!

5. Figure out what that font you love is called with What The Font:

Suzy Herbert / Via

Ever walked passed a cool billboard and thought, "Man, I'd love to get that font?" Well, now you can. Take a photo of the font in question with What The Font, and the app will supply you with the name and all the information you need to get the font for your own use.

6. Discover custom color palettes with Adobe Kuler:

Muriel Dinah / Via

Have an awesome color inspiration and want to find out exactly what they are? With Adobe Kuler, users can take existing photographs and create custom color pallets based on their images.

7. Make your mobile video the best it can be with VSCO Cam:


This is the only camera app you will ever need. With VSCO Cam you can adjust your focus and aperture with the touch of your finger, pick from a bunch of adjustable filters, and order prints of your masterpieces right from the app.

8. Draw with light with Lume:


Have you ever wanted to do one of those awesome light paintings but don't even know where to start? With Lume, you are able to easily draw custom light effects over your existing photos without the complicated set-up.

9. Create original video/still hybrids with Cinemagram:


Not only does Cinemagram allow you to create animated GIFs in a second, but it also allows you to pick and choose which part of your content you want to move.

10. Turn your drawings into music with Tunetrace:


Ever wondered what your drawing sounds like? Sounds crazy, but now it's happening. Simply take a picture of your sketch, and let Tunetrace, create custom music out of your drawing. You gotta see it to believe it!