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    Each Character From "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Represents One Personality Type And I Bet You're Dying To Know Which One

    I bet you're a total Azula.

    INTJ: Long Feng

    Long Feng wears a high-neck dark robe

    INTP: The Mechanist

    The Mechanist strokes his long beard while wearing an apron over his uniform shirt

    ENTJ: Azula

    A close up of Azula as her hair blows in the wind

    ENTP: King Bumi

    King Bumi holds a piece of rock candy as Aang looks scared behind him

    INFJ: Avatar Roku

    A close up of Avatar Roku as his eyes glow

    INFP: The Duke

    A close up of the Duke as he sits on a taller man's shoulders

    ENFJ: Iroh

    Iroh wears a wide collar robe while a fire rages behind him

    ENFP: Aang

    A close up of Aang as he smiles softly

    ISTJ: Avatar Kyoshi

    The tall Avatar Kyoshi stands a small distance anyway from a shorter man

    ISFJ: Suki

    A close up of Suki with face makeup on as a fire rages behind her

    ESTJ: Sokka

    A close up of Sokka as he holds a long sword

    ESFJ: Katara

    A close up of Katara as Azula holds two fingers to her face

    ISTP: Mai

    A close up of Mai as she holds two small knives

    ISFP: Zuko

    A close up of Zuko with his hair in a bun

    ESTP: Toph

    A close up of Toph as she crushes metal with her hands

    And finally, ESFP: Ty Lee

    Ty Lee stands amongst a sea of soldiers she's defeated