The 15 Most Powerful "Avatar The Last Airbender" Characters

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    15. Master Piandao

    two men in the image: on the left, a man with a beard and mustache wears a collared shirt, brows furrowed, mouth in a line and closed. on the right, a man with a bun in his hair, eyes wide and mouth wide, upper teeth showing

    14. Master Pakku

    master pakku in front of a freezing water fountain. he is bald with wrinkles on his forehead, furrowed brows, thin beard

    13. Mai

    mai is a woman with thick bangs and a high ponytail. eyebrows are hidden by the brows and mouth in a line

    12. Sokka

    sokka has a pointy hairline, like an arrow on his forehead pointing downward. his brows are furrowed, mouth frowning, and holds a large sword

    11. Jeong Jeong

    a young boy and old man sit cross legged in front of a row of candles, but there are giant flames above their heads

    10. King Bumi

    a young boy with an arrow on his bald head looks up, eyes wide and mouth in a circle. next to him is an old, tall man with a headband that has horns on it. he has a long beard and one eye is twitching.

    9. Ty Lee

    young adult woman with a high ponytail that is braided stands on large rocks on a cloudy day

    8. Suki

    suki is a woman with lipstick and a lot of eyeshadow and eyeliner on her face. she wears a shield and a large metal helmet

    7. Zuko

    zuko is a man wearing his hair in a high ponytail and a collared shirt. he has one brow furrowed and his mouth in a line, but one of his eyes has the skin ripped off of it and around it

    6. Iroh

    iroh is a bald on top of his head but long hair on the bottom. he has a spiky beard, furrowed brows, teeth gritted and all showing

    5. Toph

    toph is a young adult girl with wispy hair and a thick headband with a pom pom on the side

    4. Azula

    3. Katara

    2. Ozai

    ozai is a man with a beard and spiky hair, surrounded by flames. he has furrowed brows and teeth gritted, all teeth showing

    1. And Aang

    aang is a young boy who wears a beaded necklace and collared shirt. he looks up, brows raised, mouth in a line as if content