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13 Things Only People Will Get If You Think You're Fran Fine, But Really You're Sylvia.

Passion goes, sex goes, but food is forever

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Some of us like to think of ourselves as Fran Fine.


But let's be real, not all of us identify with Fran as much as we'd like to think...

Honestly, you might not want to believe it, but some of us are actually...Sylvia.

1. For example, you're self-aware of some hard truths about yourself and you're not mad about it.

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2. You've always had wise words and thoughts:


3. Finding trendy fashion for skinny legends have always been a bit of a roadblock.


4. You've never been known to be modest:


5. Food has always been top priority over juicy drama:


6. You've been known to have your savage moments from time to time.


7. Being sexy has never been your thing...

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8. At times, you've been known to be a little extra when things don't go your way.


9. Even in your darkest moments, food has always been your savior.


10. There's never been a time where food has not calmed down your anxious moments.


11. Speaking of which, you've been in denial about your weight from time to time.

12. And you have your body insecurities but you don't let it bring you down.

13. Ugh, and don't even get me started on fighting the urges while dieting!


Desserts have always been a weakness.

But at the end of the day, you still slay all day!

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