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Most Impressive Human Achievements Of 2012

Fellow humans of the world, give yourself a pat on the back, because you are amazing. Here are some of the coolest things we did this year, brought to you by St. Ives — America's beloved facial scrub, body wash & lotion brand.

1. Gabby Douglas won several Olympic firsts:

2. Felix Baumgartner jumped to earth from the edge of space:

3. Miranda Ferguson did almost 3 dozen handsprings in a row:

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16 year-old cheerleader Miranda Ferguson broke the world record of most-consecutive summersaults when she successfully executed 35 handsprings in a row.

4. Oscar Pistorius became the first amputee to compete in the Summer Olympics:

5. Chris Hadfield set out to hang out in space for 5 months:

6. Scientists may have discovered the "God Particle":

7. 20 women were elected to the Senate:

8. NASA's $2.6 billion rover, Curiosity, landed safely on Mars:

9. Doctors at Johns Hopkins made an ear grow in someone's arm:

10. U.S. Runner Manteo Mitchell ran in a 4x400-meter relay heat despite a broken leg: