10 Things You Didn’t Know Were Actually Good For You

What would life be like if you couldn’t indulge in some small pleasures every once in a while? These things you might thing are bad for you might do you a world of good, brought to you by St. Ives — America’s beloved facial scrub, body wash & lotion brand.


Not getting enough sleep can make you gain weight around your mid-section and ramp up your stress. Pressing snooze can only do you good!


Studies have shown that expressing anger every once in a while increases blood flow to a part of the brain thought to be involved in feelings of happiness. So the more you get angry, the happier you are. Makes sense, don’t it?


Going fat free might make more sense when you’re trying to cut calories but studies have shown that adding some healthy fats to your salad is ultimately better for you. Plus, you’ll avoid all the extra sugars some of those lower cal bottled dressings contain.


Everything is good in moderation - sure, you’ll want to steer clear of burning and skipping the SPF, but a little sunshine can go a long way - helping muscle function and decreasing our chances of arthritis, osteoporosis and cancers.


Recent research has found that playing action video games can improve creativity, decision-making and perception. And you’re having fun in the process, a win/win.


Downing the entire box of chocolates isn’t going to get anyone anywhere good, but cocoa is known to contain an anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-cancer element called bioflavonoids. Treat yourself!


Playing in the mud past a certain age might not be a good idea, but you might want to consider skipping the cloves next time you do some gardening. A 2010 study found that a bacterium naturally found in soil demonstrated accelerated learning and brightened moods through neuron stimulation and raising serotonin levels in its subjects.


You might feel guilty leaving your work behind, but several studies have shown that not taking the time away from work to rest and enjoy yourself could lead to heart attack and other stress-related diseases.


In times of economic turmoil, some money experts say it’s important to indulge in small pleasures here and there. The reward of having a new item of clothing, even if it means penny pinching here and there for the rest of the pay period, is a recommended way to find happiness through tougher times.


Researchers at the University of Manchester have found that listening to music at louder than 90 decibels produces loud vibrations that sends a positive a message to the brain.

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