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5 Topics To Avoid At A Grown-Up Dinner Party

Congrats! You've been invited to your first grown-up dinner party. Sure it's bound to be boring and there's no doubt you'll be ready to pour yourself a whole bottle of wine when you get home, but it's one of those you're-almost-an-adult things you'll likely end up having to do. Make it as painless as possible by avoiding the following topics.

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1. What Happened on the Bachelor last week


Yes, we understand it's V, V hard to go even just 24 hours without discussing how CRAY Corinne is, but a grown-up dinner party is not the time to reveal your love for trashy reality TV. Discuss your (fake) love for more respectable shows like 60 Minutes or House of Cards and save your Bachelor recap for hungover Saturday mornings.

2. Your Political Views

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This is a hard one, especially when every hour there's a new Twitter war Trump is involved with, but nobody ever brought up politics at a dinner party and made people feel comfortable. Save those convos for when you know there won't be mounting tension.

3. Your relationship struggles

New York Daily News

A piece of advice: when someone asks you how your significant other is doing all they want to hear is "they're good, thanks for asking." They don't want to know all the details about the screaming fight you got into last night over the co-worker they may or may not be sleeping with, so keep those deets to yourself.

4. Super personal topics

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You heard a rumor that one of the guests at the party is going through a messy divorce. Asking what went wrong while you're breaking bread together is not the brightest idea. Besides the fact that it's none of your business, it could ruin the vibe for the rest of the night. Keep your theories and questions to yourself.

5. Money

Common Dreams

Money and anything that relates to money is a big no-no when it comes to conversation topics. Asking how much someone paid for something, how big their year-end bonus was, to how much they paid for an Airbnb is just asking for trouble. Anything dollar-sign related doesn't have a place at a dinner party.

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