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12 Weird Things You Can Buy For Under $50

In case you have a pineapple to burn.

Prices were accurate at time of writing but may be subject to change.

1. A crown for your cat for $37.95 because they are royalty.

2. Socks with your face on them for $46.35 so bae will never be without you.

3. A fairy bread–scented candle for $17 so your room can always smell like your childhood.

4. Pizza leggings for $45.94 so you can eat pizza and wear pizza AT THE SAME TIME.

5. A pair of fish slippers for $26.99 so you're not flapping around barefoot.

6. Some ceramic llamas to house your succulents for $25.

7. This circle game phone case for $33.36 so you'll always win.

8. A personalised portrait of your pet for $35.75 to depict them as the god they are.

9. This sweatshirt of a raccoon riding a skateboard and eating a pizza for $25 because obviously.

10. A satin tuxedo for your puppy for $36.95 because he is a little man.

11. This giant nigiri pillow to dream sweet sushi dreams for $21.39.

12. Mac 'n' cheese earrings for $11.49 because they're the ultimate pair.

An extra $50 could really go a long way. If you're a student or under 21 and open a St.George student bank account, you could get a bonus $50 to use however you please (T&Cs apply). Winning!