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    Pittsburgh Cyber Security Company Develops First Quantum Safe Isolated Browser

    It’s not breaking news that the privacy of internet users is under attack from ruthless data brokers- tracking and selling details of our every move online.

    Privacy is for sale to the highest bidder. Cyber criminals find new ways to attack us with malware, viruses and ransomware every day. One company on the front line is CybX Security, with their Quantum Browser Kickstarter. They have developed an isolated virtual browser that is not just focused on the present threat of cyber attacks and lack of data privacy, but also the future threat of quantum computers.

    Quantum computing is an exciting concept, and potentially the most significant technological advance of our time. It offers humans the ability to unlock the next level of advanced computing, creating and solving complex algorithms and calculations at unbelievable speeds. Unfortunately, as with all technological advances, there is a terrible twist to the tale. Cyber criminals could also be one of the first to get their hands on this advancement, and this is something that needs to be considered ahead of time.

    “We have to believe that the worst case scenario can happen, “Quantum Browser founder, Sean Chumura, told us, “and we need to be prepared for that right now. When quantum computing becomes a commercial product, you can bet that cyber criminals and organized crime syndicates will want that technology for their needs. Cyber attacks will be virtually impossible to stop, because all current forms of encryption will be useless. Quantum computers will brute-force their way into a network faster, with little resistance.”

    “We have been developing government level cyber security products for years, and catered mostly to corporate or government clients. There came a time when we realized that the most vulnerable internet user is our children, or grandchildren, or just a regular home user checking their bank balance. Quantum Browser is, therefore, designed to be a software that protects at every level.”

    Unlike other isolated browsers, Quantum Browser uses two unique technologies to ensure security and privacy. You log on to the isolated virtual browser on CybX servers via a quantum safe CKM (Constructive Key Management) encrypted connection. A live view of the virtual browser is streamed via HTTPV (a ‘more secure’ form of HTTPS), so no actual content (scripts & code etc.) ever reaches your device. All this happens inside of a simple addon or extension in your current browser.

    An isolated browser with this level of security means no spyware, ransomware or viruses can ever reach your device, because your browser session only exists as pixels on your screen; streamed in real time from servers, behind the strongest possible cryptography. Constructive Key Management is a cryptographic system that constructs keys as needed and immediately destroys them after each use. This method provides greater security than other systems that store keys in public or private directories, or that include the key with the encrypted information.

    Whilst the software sounds complicated, it is made for use by the most novice of internet users. The user will see a login screen like any other, and a normal browser session. The integration is easy and seamless. More details can be found on the Kickstarter campaign story, where the company hopes to raise $25,000 to make Quantum Browser available to the public.

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