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    Things Nobody Tells You About Long Distance Relationships

    Call me naive, but I think it can work.

    Many people believe that long-distance relationships never work out. So BuzzFeed's Steven L. decided to record his 2,000-mile trip to his girlfriend to share the special moments that all long-distance couples can relate to.

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    He begins by conceding that yes, long-distance relationships do have their obstacles. It's been months since he last saw his girlfriend.

    He only gets to see her six to seven times a year. Maybe less.

    And yeah, there is that lingering feeling that the trips are always too short.

    It's important to just enjoy the moment.

    But seeing his girlfriend, Ying, for the first time in months reminds him why long distance is worth it.

    The first encounter is never quite as romantic as it *should* be.

    1. By cherishing the limited time they have together more than anybody else they know.

    2. And catching up on missed anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.

    But how did she know his shoe size?!

    3. Picking up the relationship right where it left off.

    *eye roll*

    4. Exploring the city like old times.

    Eventually settling back slowly into what used to be.

    5. Catching up on shows that they promised only to watch together.

    6. Knowing what can make each other laugh harder than anything else in the world.

    7. Walking around just enjoying each other's presence.

    But *sigh* unfortunately life doesn't stop for love.

    Time to ease back into reality.

    But that's why they always end their trips by planning out the next one.

    It's important to have an endpoint...even if that means taking one step at a time.

    So even though they're going to be 2,000 miles apart for the next three and a half years...

    They know that in the end, it'll all be worth it.

    If they can get through this, they can get through anything.