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All You Need Is Love And These 9 Tips

Everyone always claims they suck at relationships but never try to figure out a way to improve. Well here are some theories that would help you know why you are sucking at relationships and theories on how to fix your relationship skills.

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1. Make Sure You Have your Pepper Spray, Safety First Kiddos

Protect yourself from people that take undue advantage and suck the energy out of your life. According to the manual of the American Psychiatric Association, the top five personalities that have proven to be the most toxic: Antisocial, Histrionic, Narcissistic, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Paranoid people. Here are some steps to dealing with these sorts of people.

2. How The Hell Do I Deal With My Depression and Anxiety

Research has found that as many as 60% of people with depression suffer with some type of anxiety order. If you find yourself in this group, it is common to simultaneously have loss of energy and initiative along with stress and anxiety. By using dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, you can adapt and power through depression and anxiety

3. Damn I Really Hope I Don't End Up Like My Parents

No matter how your parents treated or acted towards you as a kid. They could have treated you as an angel, maybe they were a bit over-protective, or they just didn’t care about you. But, to make matters worse, you’re going to end up very similar if not the same as them.

4. No Offense But…

Don't take criticisms personally so that you are actually able to grow and learn from it. It helps when you approach a situation with rational mind. Along with that, it would be wise to see that same situation from every perspective.

5. Therapy Can Helps you Fall in Love Again

EFT therapy approach is a way for relationships to use the attachment bond as a way to create a more loving relationship, and this is not just used with a spouse, but also with families and even for oneself to help figure out how they connect with others. This is executed by looking at patterns created in the relationship in order to create a more secure bond

6. Attribute your Partner’s Negative Behaviors to External and Temporary Causes

The healthy, relationship building thing to do is to think that your partner’s trespasses against you were externally caused by temporary circumstances. For example, when your partner doesn’t get you a valentine’s day present, you could think it’s because your partner is an asshole (internal and stable attribution), because his crappy phone’s alerts didn’t work (external and stable), he forgot to put it in his calendar (internal and temporary), or because there was a shipping delay.

7. Use Some God Damn Communication

There are 7 conversations you need to have. Start with a demon dialogue, figure out the root of the problem. Next find the raw spots, look beyond impulsive reactions. Then revisit a rocky moment, this will deescalate conflict. Next hold me tight, this will move partners to being more engaged and accessible. Forgive injuries, use these as demonstrations and renewals. Bond through sex and touch, this is where couples find that emotional connection creates great sex. And finally keeping your love alive, this is where the understanding that love is a continual process comes to play.

8. Attribute your Partner’s Positive Behaviors to Internal and stable Causes

Thinking that your partner’s kind and nice behaviors are because of internal and stable characteristics builds relationship satisfaction. For example, if your wife did the laundry, you could think it was because she is a helpful person who loves you (internal and stable), because your kids are always complaining about not having anything to wear (external and stable), because she feels guilty for coming home late (internal and temporary), or because she needed her favorite pants for work (external and temporary).

9. Yeah You Fucked Up, Own Up To It.

There are certain steps you need to take in order to better yourself. One of the early steps would be to accept the fact that you make mistakes. You are not perfect and you should open your eyes to see that.

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