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6 Ways Depression Is Caused By Inflammation

Having an unhealthy lifestyle can cause inflammation of the brain and body, which leads to depression. Changing your diet is one of the many ways to help your depression. Here are some amazing tips on how to change your diet and create a healthier lifestyle.

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1. Infections Cause Inflammation

When you get sick, your body responds to harmful stimuli by becoming inflamed. Certain doctors have concluded that the antibodies used to fight this inflammation may be a cause of mental illnesses.

2. Depression, Pain, or Both

Depression and pain go hand in hand, which can be very exhausting. They are separate thing but both are caused by inflammation.

3. Causes of Inflammation

Inflammation is caused by digestive imbalances. This is because of the gastrointestinal tract. It can also be caused by environmental and lifestyle factors. Exposure to toxic metals and environmental toxins can cause inflammation. A poor diet can also lead to inflammation, having lots of refined sugars and foods high in acid will lead to inflammation.

4. Healthy Food Choice

You should avoid all foods on Harvard's Food Reviews of Food. All these food items increase inflammation in the body and worsen your depression.

5. Do Breathing Exercises

Take 10-20 minutes out of your day to do simple calming breathing exercises to reduce stress and lower inflammation. Studies show that 20 minutes of yoga breathing can reduce inflammatory markers in the body.

6. Mind Over Body Exercise

All you need to do is exercise 2-3 days a week not only your body but your mind too. Yoga is shown to boost natural antioxidants in the body that fight off inflammation.

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